Photo: Håvard Holme/Bergen municipality

Environmental health protection in Bergen municipality is participating in the iFLINK project because we see a potential in using microsensors and thus, on a longer term, we will be able to measure air quality at more places, covering a larger georgraphical area than today. Our aim is to explore if any of the available micro sensors can deliver data of sufficient quality so that they can be used for e.g., providing better air quality information to Begren’s inhabitants.

We participate in both, phase 1 and 2. In phase 1 we will mount sensors at two of our monitoring stations before we participate in further upscaling and testing of sensors at around 10 different places in Bergen in phase 2.

I Bergen municipality, the following colleagues work in iFLINK and with local air quality:


Haldis                           Kari Anne                    Arild                            Vitali
Haukås Lillefosse         Holsen                        Jensen                        Koudriavtsev


Haldis Haukås Lillefosse
Environmental health protection
Bergen municipality
+47 55 56 52 19