Photo: Karl Braanaas

Bærum municipality cares about health and the environment. Currently, we have two air quality monitoring stations and shall soon measure air quality at several additional places in the municipality.

As an innovative municipality with focus on the environment we will be part of the technological development and look for opportunities to collect real-time data from a large geographical area.

We will share the measurment results with our inhabitants and use the data actively in our work for improving air quality.

Bærum will prioritise to mount air quality sensors in the central area where many people live and sojourn: Sandvika, Bekkestua, Høvik and at Forbenu, along bicycle lanes.

Bærum is going to mount about 20 sensors that will measure particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Grete Marie Husø
Senior engineer
+47 67 50 32 29